This blog, written by Michael Felt, discusses AIX security topics. Articles on IBM AIX security including PowerSC, AIX RBAC, AIX shell scripting, passwords and user security. RBAC or Role Based Access Control has been available in AIX since starting with AIX Prior to that, access control is AIX was the same as for any .

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Role-based access control in simple steps

Hence, a user who does not have the required authorization will fail to execute bootinfo. This example is shown to explain the usage of RBAC.

Moreover, the root user plays many roles like system administrator, security officer to maintain security policy, and systems operator for day-to-day activities. But, the drawback of a single root user is that the system becomes vulnerable to attack if an unauthorized person takes control of the root user. Although easy to use and manage by a system administrator, it was very difficult to adopt to programs not specifically coded to use the AIX Role mechanism and has remained limited to common tasks: This example shows that as the user httpd the installed modules can be listed apachectl -l but I cannot start the full-service.

The user should have the roles authorized to them to execute shutdown. The system has a pre-defined authorization to certain commands and roles for system-defined users.

Read The Current Issue: Every object is owned by a single user, with additional access controlled via group membership group permissionsor anyone else others, i. To avoid this problem, latest releases of AIX 6. Legacy RBAC provides several pre-defined roles that can be setup administrative users that can perform specialised tasks without any need for root access. The following table shows the command details in the order of how authorization and roles can be used.


Interestingly, the lsconf command internally executes commands like bootinfo, which is a privileged command.

Role-based access control in simple steps

Different root user tasks commands are assigned different authorizations. Written by Michael Felt.

Create our custom role We’ll make a role with a name, and a default message letting future users know ajx the role does, and assigning that authorization to the role. Anyone who gets control of the administrative user maliciously cannot do anything, since the administrator alone cannot do anything destructive.

This has been a tour of the RBAC features with examples and scenarios. To bypass DAC, privileges are required. Successfully updated the Kernel Object Domain Table. Check here to start a new keyword search.

The owner has the privlidge discretion or right to determine who has access to an object i. Each user is assigned a role. This allows a normal user account special privileges without having to become root or use another utility, such as sudo.

There are five 5 components to the RBAC security database:. The system works by having front-end programs that are accessible via group or other permission bits. If he has access to an authorization s similiar to a key to open an otherwise locked door s the task can be performed.

The ISSO role manages all other roles. Roles are assigned to users and users having the defined role should be able to execute. Extended RBAC is granular. In this case, the user with the authorization aix.


People who considered this approach too limited generally opted for the package sudo gbac and accepted both the additional risks and workload associated with it use and administration. Some of the ISSO tasks or responsibilities are:. None of the above, continue with my search. As authorizations are hierarchical in nature, we could search for one that encompasses more LVM operations.

We’re specifically going to list the access authorizations necessary to run the program. Hardening the Cloud Security considerations to protect your organization. Answer In AIX 6.

Role-based access control in simple steps A step-by-step approach with examples. We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. Is it possible to execute a command by a user who has the required authorization but no DAC permission?

How-to Integrate Applications Into AIX RBAC

In short, the operating system uses authorization to determine eligibility rbwc performing a privileged operation like system calls. Successfully updated the Kernel Command Table. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Authorizations get assigned to one or more roles; roles get assigned to users.

RBAC-related commands

United States English English. Is it possible that a malicious user can get the role of ISSO and use his own shutdown program to attack the system? Successfully updated the Kernel Device Table. Security considerations to protect your organization.

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