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BS Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Tower cranes. standard by BSI Group, 04/28/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS BRITISH STANDARDCode of practice for safe use of .. BSI •9 BS Complex liftIf the lifting operation is.

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BSI also holds the copyright, in the UK, of the publications of the international standardization bodies. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. Operators and signallers should pay particular attention 7121–5 possible dangers of persons working out of sight. Therefore as far as safe crane operations are concerned, the benchmark for safe working practices is the BS series. Again there may be more recent versions of the document.

Bolts used to secure slew races should be renewed whenever they are removed. Particular attention should be paid to: Once the inner tower has been extended additional tower sections, in halves, are lifted up and bolted together around the inner tower.

BS 7121-2-5:2012

Standards are also available from the BSI website at http: Consequently crane operators should be appropriately trained and assessed for the tasks they are required to 71121-5. Carriers should not be occupied while the crane is travelling. Training facilities Suitable facilities and training aids should be made available so that the instructor can cover the theoretical parts of the training.

Arrangements should therefore be detailed to obtain accurate weather forecasts in the period leading up to the start of climbing. On large construction sites where multiple lifting operations are carried out by various subcontractors, the principal contractor should appoint the appointed person for the site. Once the fastenings have been removed the cylinder s is extended to lift the crane superstructure a sufficient distance to allow a new gs section to be inserted.


The user organization retains the responsibility for nominating the appointed person in accordance with 4. Detailed information about the content of training courses varies depending on the individual circumstances, so the information given is intended to assist organizations, running training courses internally or as a service to other organizations, to determine whether their courses are adequate.

Provision should be made for the security of the transmitter when the crane is not in use. Commentary, explanation and general informative material is presented in smaller italic type, and does not constitute a normative element.

BS 7121-5:2006

Planning of the lifting operation should take into account: Where personnel are under training, they should be supervised by appropriate personnel. Care should be taken to avoid a mismatch of thread forms of fasteners nuts and boltsfor example between 7121-55 and metric.

Attention should be paid to the design and layout of the power supply trailing cable for travelling tower cranes to ensure that it is protected from damage. The legs vs triangulated to minimize twisting of the tower and are pin jointed to the tower and structure to eliminate bending from the leg members.

BS – Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Tower cranes (British Standard)

The crane supervisor should have sufficient authority to stop the operation. In any event, some further training is likely to be necessary to familiarize the employee with specific requirements of the new job.

Contingency arrangements The safety of tower crane climbing operations depends on keeping within a number of set parameters such as tower verticality, wind speed, crane balance and slew orientation throughout the operation. The design of the supporting structure and any connections to the cruciform base should be carried out by a competent engineer. Before entering into a contract, employing organizations should satisfy themselves that the contractor has the necessary competence to carry out the work.

Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Training enables suitable employees to learn the basic elements of crane driving and slinging which, with experience, help them to become competent. If an individual or organization does not have expertise in lifting operations they should not hire cranes but should opt for a contract lift.


The difference between the two options is summarized in Figure 1.

BS 起重机安全使用实施规则.塔式起重机 – MBA智库文档

Some variations between systems are described in Mobile cranesBSSpecification for automatic bw load indicatorsBSCode of practice for earthingBSCode of practice for selection, use and maintenance of personal fall protection systems and equipment for use in the workplaceBS ENCranes safety — Requirements for health andsafety bbs Limiting and indicating devicesBS EN However once established it is important that these are monitored to ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter the zone.

See Figure 8 and Figure 9.

Your basket is empty. Therefore a more frequent inspection should be carried out that takes account of the frequency of use of the crane and the environmental conditions.

Consequently crane operators should be appropriately trained and assessed for the tasks they are required to undertake. If possible, get someone to inform the electricity supply authority at once. Tower verticality is especially important during climbing as any substantial deviation from the vertical can affect the hook radius specified for balance by the manufacturer.

The ballast arrangement should not be altered after hs crane has been tested, for constructional or any other reasons. Assembly and inspection of climbing equipment Once the climbing equipment, either an external climbing frame or internal climbing collars and ladders, has arrived on site it should be inspected to ensure that damage has not occurred during transport and offloading.