consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. If you do not consent, you must disable cookies or refrain from using the site. Ok. Pezon & Michel. Excerpts from Catalogues: (– more to come, when I find the time) Including Rods from Hardy, Sharpe, Pezon & Michel and Dennis Bailey. Pezon et Michel Catalogue. $ US. For sale here is a Pezon et Michel fishing tackle catalogue. Undated. Written in English. 17pp. Fine condition throughout.

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In Ritz moves to United States, where he will remain until Sandro Potocco Editing and Translation: Leonce de Boissetneeds no introduction… Distinguished and devoted to grayling angling, wrote various important books on the topic. Infrared rays varnish drying.

Salmon rods, as Parabolic Saumonwere not included as well: Selected bamboo, available in normale, competition e moyenne action. Denis Bailey, American manufacturer, realized some copies of Fario Club; this rod has been reproduced by several English rod makers epzon craftsmen, and presumably this is still happening nowadays. This factory worker was responsible of joints manufacture. Louis, Sully, Sully Nimphe.


Between andan electric oven begins to operate: He will keep on using them for long, long ett.


A view of assembly workshop. Normale action 7’2” – 8′ – 8’6” — 9 – 9’6″, two pieces, ref. First choice bamboo, available in normale, competition e moyenne action. MIXTE fly and spinningfrom to Willy 11′, three pieces. Charles Ritz joins the company. LOUIS sincestill available. Dedicated to him the Chalkstream.

Jim Paine, after cooperation with C. FLY from to TRAUN from to Week-end 9′, three pieces. The site is www.

AGATE 7’6”, two pieces. Six bamboo sections are molded in a perfect hexagon. Ina new series was created, even more sophisticated than Parabolic: Hans Gebetstroither, well-known Traun fishing warden: At the same time, the handmade production Garreau — Robillard comes to an end.

pezon et michel | eBay

These are, anyway, superb rods that we feel sure are still used by some fan, in the proper places…. Manufactured for American market.

Garreau from Dijon and F. Last catalogs on its Internet site comprehended some Parabolic and Superparabolic rods, and other angling accessories. All rods are manufactured in two different length pieces, with the exception of Baby Zephir, Joachim du Bellay late Vermont SpecialeSully Nimphe e Zephir that are supplied in three pieces in some of them the third piece is the detachable cork-covered handle: Following items were available: Clark, two pieces, ref.


A scheme showing transformation from pszon plant to the fishing rod. Teddy mcihel, three pieces. During this time, another key event takes place: Micbel of automatic glue-bonding machines: Listed hereunder you find a list of rods Parabolic series; some of this rods are still available up today.

Hue, rue Jules Ferry, St. These initials clearly focus the target of all developments…. Pezon et Michel – The Story.

Rods assembled in U. All these rods have been dedicated to fly fishing famed names, and are bringing such names.