I found this announcement and thought I’d pass it on 😀 Rich Wishon Prime Directive d20 Forum. I supported because “because RPGGeek is a wonderful community (and database) to share fun and games with!” – Jonas (jasri). +. D20 Prime Directive [Jonathan M. Thompson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete Star Fleet Universe Sourcefile including: New.

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While “Prime Teams” themselves are a Federation designation, nearly every empire had their own equivalent. Also has age, height, and weight information along with weapons charts and a unified index. Prime Directive d20 is out? Their entire class features by level 20 consist of Hailing Frequencies Open which means they can use comm equipment! This game allows characters to be anything, from the Star Fleet crew to the Marines, from Orion Pirates to archaeologists, from a bunch of reserve officers looking to recapture the adventures of their long-lost youth, to a squadron of fighter pilots whose parties are as wild as their dogfights.

Originally Posted by Twiggly the Gnome. Join Date Jan Location St. Post as a guest Name. I just disagree with making it a craft check.

This is actually fine, since this alternate universe is full of conflict and adventure, and canon is always going to be strayed from in an RPG, whether because the players change something, or the referee adds or subtracts something from the setting. Orion Pirates Captain’s Log.


Prime Directive (role-playing game)

So, in light of all of that, I still need to talk about the art. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Olsen, it used a D6 -style prmie similar to Shadowrun and Star Primme.

They also get Federation Standard as a bonus language, whatever the hell that means PDd20 never does explain what it is. TriskalJM 1 6. The concept was a specialized ‘Landing Party’ that could do a wide variety of functions, including science, negotiations, and combat.

d20 Prime Directive

I love this book simply because You can play any type of trek in d20 this book is a great read and even has some intro Sfb rules. In addition to the Federation, Klingon, dircetive Romulan supplements, one other supplementary volume and three mini-adventures have been published. Players are members of a “class” such as “fighter pilot” or “Naval officer” or “Orion Pirate”. It might make more sense idrective The Captain were a charismatic freelancer who was attracting a loyal crew rather than a military officer who was assigned a crew and won their loyalty by being a competent and fair captain.

It’s a little less exciting to me that is only stuff from the original series, as I liked The Next Generation and loved Deep Space Nine. They’ve also announced a d6 version, and look like they’re primed to do other versions as well. Lastly is the Index.


AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Time to make a ranger with favored enemy of “Wesley Crusher”! Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. This page manual covers every aspect of the Star Empire, including the great houses, the military, politics, industry, religion, politics, planetary surveys, weapons, politics, military ranks and medals, governmental structure, politics, History, culture, politics, Emperors, Praetors, politics, starship prije, ground vehicles, politics, intelligence agencies, suppressed races, deck plans for the modular Skyhawk destroyer, and of course politics!

Prime Directive d20 has been sitting in my own personal collection for almost a decade, unused, unloved. Science fiction Star Trek. If memory serves, d20Modern is built on the concept of the same six stats, but your 1st 3 direcitve are basically just a basic class specialized for one of the skills.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. An example of dumb is Double Tap, which is also from d20 Direvtive. Prime Directive allows you to create actual crewmembers for the ships of the SFB universe.

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