POS Mediu_SMIS _Monitorizarea stării de conservare a speciilor şi habitatelor din România în baza articolului 17 din Directiva Habitate | POS. ti (Osteichthyes) din Directiva Habitate (92/43/EEC) de pe. teritoriul României. Pentru realizarea re. ţ. elei Natura în România, planuri. POS Mediu_SMIS _Monitorizarea stării de conservare a speciilor şi habitatelor din România în baza articolului 17 din Directiva Habitate.

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The list of sites selected as sites of Community importance, identifying those which host one or more priority natural habitat types or priority species, shall be adopted by the Commission sirectiva accordance with the procedure laid down in Article Member States shall establish a system to monitor the incidential capture and killing of the animal species listed in Annex IV a. Approximation of laws Environment Directory code: Watson Myosotis maritima Habiitate.

This review shall take into account, as appropriate, the new situation of the site concerned. The results of the assessment undertaken shall be forwarded to the committee for information. Kuntze Limonium dendroides Svent.

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The Commission shall be assisted by a committee consisting of representatives of the Member States and chaired by a representative of the Commission. In respect of the capture or killing of species of wild fauna listed in Annex V a and in cases where, in accordance with Article 16, derogations are applied to the taking, capture or killing of species listed in Annex IV aMember States shall prohibit the use of all indiscriminate means capable of causing local disappearance of, or serious disturbance to, populations of such species, and in particular:.

Nyman Santolina elegans Boiss. The prohibition referred to in paragraph 1 a and b and paragraph 2 shall apply to all stages of life of the animals to which this Article applies.

Supplementary provisions Article 22 In implementing the provisions of this Directive, Member States shall: If, on the expiry of three months from the date of referral to the Council, the Council has not acted, the proposed measures shall be adopted by the Commission.

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The opinion shall be delivered by the majority laid down in Article 2 of the Treaty directiav the case of decisions which the Council is required to adopt on a proposal from the Commission. Watson Feer Musschia aurea L. After submission to the committee, the final version of the report shall be published by the Commission, not later than two years after receipt of the reports referred to in paragraph 1, and shall gabitate forwarded to the Member States, the European Parliament, the Council and the Economic and Social Committee.


Any plan or project not directly connected with or necessary to the management of the site but likely to have a significant effect thereon, either individually or in combination with other plans or projects, shall be subject to appropriate assessment of its implications for the site in view of the site’s conservation objectives.

The representative of the Commission shall submit to the committee a draft of the measures to be taken. For aquatic species which range over wide areas, such sites will be proposed only where there is a clearly identifiable area representing the physical and biological factors essential to their life and reproduction.

Council of the European Union Department responsible: That list will show the sites containing the priority natural habitat types and priority species selected by the Member States on the basis of the criteria in A and B above.

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That information shall include a map of the site, its name, location, extent and the data resulting from application of the criteria specified in Annex III Stage 1 provided in a format established by the Commission in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article Provided that there is direcitva satisfactory alternative and the derogation is not detrimental to the maintenance of the populations of the species concerned at a favourable conservation status in their natural range, Member States may derogate from the provisions of Articles 12, 13, 14 and 15 a and b: Holub Cheirolophus junonianus Svent.

Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, and in particular Article s thereof. Member States shall take appropriate steps to avoid, in the special areas of conservation, the deterioration of natural habitats and the habitats of species as well as disturbance of the species for which the areas have been designated, directiv so far as such disturbance could be significant in relation to the objectives of this Directive.

The Commission shall give its opinion on these derogations within a maximum time limit of 12 months following receipt of the report and shall give an account to the Committee. Once a site of Community importance has been adopted in accordance with the procedure laid down in paragraph 2, the Member State concerned shall designate that site as a special area of conservation as soon as possible and within six years at most, establishing priorities in the light of the importance of the sites for the maintenance or restoration, at a favourable conservation status, of a natural habitat type in Annex I or a species in Annex II and for the coherence of Naturaand in the light of the threats of degradation or destruction to which those sites are exposed.


Primula glaucescens Moretti Primula spectabilis Tratt. The prohibitions referred to habitqte paragraph 1 a and b shall apply to all stages of the biological cycle of the plants to which this Article applies.

Valea Cepelor

Sub natural woodland vegetation comprising native species forming forests of tall trees, with typical undergrowth, and meeting the following criteria: The Member States Internal reference: Whereas provision should be made for supplementary measures governing the reintroduction of certain native species of fauna and flora and the possible introduction of non-native species. Treaty establishing the European Economic Community Legal basis: Site assessment criteria for a given species in Annex II a Size and density of the population of the species present on the site in relation to the populations present within national territory.

When Member States adopt such measures, they shall contain a reference to this Directive or be accompanied by such reference on the occasion of their official publication. The methods of making such a reference shall be laid down by the Member States.

On the basis of these criteria, Member States will classify the sites which they propose on the national list as sites eligible for identification as sites of Community importance according to their relative value for the conservation of each natural habitat type in Annex I or each species in Annex II.

Ionopsidium savianum Caruel Ball ex Arcang.