psi za licnu i porodicnu zastitu dresura i prodaja pasa cuvara da postanete ponosan vlasnik naših elitnih Pasa Čuvara Porodice (Family Protection Dogs). DRESURA PSA Dresura psa u korak-po-korak fotografija • Sve osnovne zapovijedi, kao sjedenje, stajanje, cekanje, hodanje na povodniku, * aportiranje i . View the profiles of people named Dresura Pasa Montenegro. Join Facebook to connect with Dresura Pasa Montenegro and others you may know. Facebook.

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Ima li neke razlike u odnosu na rasne pse? Sigurno kod tebe dolazi mnogo nerealnih vlasnika pasa. Kakva su tvoja iskustva sa njima? Da li te je ikad ujeo pas? S pravom ili ne? Da li si ikad odustao od dresure nekog psa? Da li si ikad rekao sebi: What interesting he had to say about dogs, you can read in the next lines. For how long have you been training dogs? How did you decide to do this as your job? What is the most important in working with dogs?

With what breed is it the easiest for you to work with? So these are make beliefs that some breeds are easier to work with, that they are easier to train? Have you been working with curs? Is there any difference working with curs comparing to breed dogs?

With this statement you will vindicate all theories in which people trust. Is it true that every dog has its own personality? When is the right time to start with dog training? Is it ever late to start working with a dog? What yre your experiences with them?

You told me before how one owner came and asked of you to train his dog to be sharp in fight, excellent guard dog and at the same time to be a coddle in playing with kids and sweet with the rest of the household. What have you replied to him? Did a dog ever bite you? What do you think, how could this problem be solved?

What is your opinion about the Kennel Club of Serbia? Can you explain what was that about? You are the owner of a Dog Kennel as well. Which breeds and why those breeds? Have you ever given up on training some dog?


Ppsa you ever told yourself: Did it happen to you to misjudge the dog? What is your message for dog dresira Does anyone help you in working with dogs, or you work by yourself? Do you have a team that helps? What are you doing at the moment? Something special, or just routine trainings? And for the end, what are your plans for the future? Meni je, ustvari ,bila interesantna ta psihologija pasa i komunikacija sa njima. Jednostavno, pametan pas je pametan pas, vredan pas je vredan pas, a lenj pas je lenj pas.

I tu nema nikakve filozofije. Naravno, to su predrasude.

Nema neke velike razlike. Naravno da sam radio.

Ponašanje i dresura

Prvo, ima tu nekoliko etapa. On bi, verovatno, premro od straha. Ne zna kako da reaguje, nema prethodna iskustva. Jeste, desilo mi se nekoliko puta. Ljudima moram da objasnim fizionomiju pasje vilice.

Da dreaura, siguran sam u to. To je jedna od osnovnih stvari koja je potrebna za rad sa psima. Kad je ljut, on je ljut, kad je sretan — sretan je. Potrebna je jaka reklamna kampanja o udomljavanju tih lutalica. A pre svega, potrebno je uraditi — sterilizaciju. Ljudi tamo hrane lutalice u svojim kvartovima.

Ponašanje i dresura – Balkan Kinology

U nekim terapijama je i Lara pomagala i to se pokazala kao vrlo dobra ideja. To je izuzetno kompleksna stvar. I u pozitivnom i u dresurz smislu.

Zbog toga i volim ovaj posao. Potrebno je puno posla oko njega, jako puno vremena iziskuje bavljenje psom. I am dealing with dogs my psq life. I started as dogs fancier, than continued with dog shows, until it all culminated with training and psychology. When I look back almost all my childhood photos are with some animals, most often dogs.

To me the psychology and communication with dogs was interesting. The base of the whole story is the contact. The contact with the drresura. The most important is to make dog trust drdsura. To trust your good intentions. The most important for the two of you is to become partners. Simply a smart dog is a smart dog, an agile dog is an agile dog and lazy dog is a lazy dog. Of course, these are prejudices.

Of course there are some guidelines with certain dogs when trainings and practises are concerned.

For example, Rottweilers are very strong animals and presumptious too, so I always have that in mind when working with them. But to me, a Rottweiler which likes to work is the same as an agile German sheppard. Of course I worked. Absolutely no difference in working with curs or dogs of certain race. Breed characteristics are that Dachshund is — small and Rotweiler is — big and all differences stop here. The brain is the brain. You can find a Bernard dog who likes to work more than some German Ddresura.


That is because they cooperate with men for thousands of years in a certain symbiosis when keeping and driving the herd. Breeds are different by their drsura, weight, colour, fur, but actually, all dogs are very similar. Dogs have feelings, they think.

I would even ask myself whose level of communication is higher, drseura humans or dogs? The fact we consider ourselves to be superior rase could go under consideration. Firstly, there is a couple of stages. If we start with the puppy which is a couple of months old, the base of the xresura story is to get the dog socialized.

Meaning, to learn to live with people. If it lives in the city environment, to learn of dangers on the street. To become familiar with cars, crowds. To get used to potential problems which it can get into in an environment like that. Imagine, for example, one country dog which found itself in the middle of the city noise. It would probably die of fright. With each socialization goes the small step of learning and training. How the dog grows those excersises and trainings become more serious and complex.

I favour the most the I. For that I need very well prepared dog, physically strong, drewura a very good character dresur strong spa for work, the top specimen. Generally people consider their dog to be the most beautiful, dilligent, smart and very often I determine that reality is different alltogether.

One will be sharp, second will be a guard dog and third a coddle. Although, to put joking aside, there can be a very talented dog which can be all that. Very often is much more important to explain to the dog owner, than to the dog itself.