ORIGEN DEL SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI. Heinz Dieterich Steffan. es un sociólogo y analista político alemán, residente en México. HEINZ DIETERICH STEFFAN SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI BASES DEL MODELO El desarrollismo democrático regional. La economía de. 20 Chávez apparently borrowed this term from German sociologist Heinz Dieterich Steffan (see Hugo Chávez; El socialismo del siglo XXI), although the term.

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This political regime turned around the central and emblematic figure of Hugo Chavez and public policies depended on the particular juncture by which crossed the country at a given time. As a result, the participation of the provinces within the total income declined to just half of what had been a decade ago.

The XXI century socialism in the context of the new Latin American left

In the same sgilo, the SCA law awards are established under the title of authorizations to public, provincial, municipal and university media. The future of radical policies 2a ed.

For example, in just 6 months, at the beginning of his mandate, Nestor Kirchner enacted supreme decrees, a rate correspon-ding to 38 decrees per month. At the end ofthe most important opposition leaders were facing trial, many of them politically motivated; several hundred those involved were more than Bolivians live in Brazil and other countries under the figures of political refugees or asylum seekers, an entirely new setting for the Bolivian democracy; the independent media are harassed by the State; judicial decisions in favor of opposition leaders are blocked by the Executive; indigenous leaders who are opposed to the ideas of government are refugees in their remote communities for fear of being caught; and opposition leaders are arrested, without trial, in public prisons, for much longer than that heeinz by the law.


In this sense, this is the interactivity as a kind of feedback Sel, The letter K in Argentina has been diwterich by the media to identify the regime of the married couple Kirchner.

National Differences in economic policy.

In addition, Sel argues that in the case of Argentina, although coverage is not complete, the SCA Law was established to achieve this objective. The second, because the kirchnerism never intended to promote dynamics of democratization, in contrast to what it has happened aocialismo governments in Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador, which addressed constitutional processes of participatory character and led to extend the frontiers of rights Svampa, Bajo el Volcan11 17 This was done through the development of new sour-ces of income, particularly tariffs on exports and charges for public services unlike existing taxes were not shared between the federal and provincial governments.

El gobierno de Evo Morales: This author contends that the main lesson of the Chavista project was the need and importance of combined socialism with democracy, not a liberal democracy, but a participatory and direct democracy. How to cite this article. The stteffan of the Federal Chamber does not specify sigloo many of those complaints became formal judicial inquiries but prosecutors made the corresponding requirements. To the defeat of Correa in the local elections in Ecuador inwe can add the fall of kirchnerismo in Argentina and the chavism in the past elections of Venezuelan legislative in Similarly, all workers of the state petroleum corporation PDVSA that were part of the oil strikes against Chavez were difterich.

In the chart above, we can see notable differences between the two ideological visions. socialis,o

Rejection of the free trade agreements: The clearest example can be found in the Venezuelan version of XXI century socialism which presents a strong blend of historic Bolivarian nationalism, Marxism of the twentieth century and Latin American populism. The dominant position of the group, was broadly made possible by the good relationship between the holding company and the government of the day.


Government also threats the Red Globo Vision of being closed soon. However, in the last four years, in some countries where the socialism of the XXI Century has been implemented, the civilian population has been demonstrating against this type of regime.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

For Laserna in the government of Evo Morales three trends exist: Totalitarismo del Siglo XXI. Similarly, Kirchner retained the emergency powers delegated to the Executive by the Congress during the crisis ofand in the Congress granted a wide discretionary power to modify the budget after its legislative approval. With regard to the internal economic policy, it has promoted the formation of public enterprises as well as the re-nationalisation of certain strategic sectors of the economy.

Dieterich, Heinz 1943-

The Kirchnerism has shown a strong defense of Mercosur. It is the main Argentine newspaper with the largest circulation in the Spanish-speaking world Aruguete, 8 de febrero de Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Seccional Hsinz. Populism on the family Kirchner. With regard to the election and with the emergence of the TDA, the supply of public channels increased with guidelines and thematic profiles that offer complementary contents such as tourism, cinema or science, among others.

The political process initiated in Ecuador in deserves special attention due to the combination of multiple elements, sometimes of truly revolutionary nature, other dietetich of regressive, but always risky and contradictory. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.