In Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, ZZ Packer portrays religion much in contrary to how many people expect religion to be portrayed. Every Tongue Shall Confess . ZZ Packer uses a specific technique in writing this story which helps it accomplish its overall goal. The use of backstory (or flashback even). ZZ Packer’s “Every Tongue Shall Confess” delves into a woman named Clareese Mitchell who is a nurse, and a devout Christian who deals with the pressures.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. This really does put a twist on the institutions of religion and the men that are at the forefront of the church. This happens whenever Clareese is at the sermon, and, much to her surprise, none other than Cleophus arrives at the sermon.

This story jumps back from present evwry past, almost interchangeably.

Backstory in “Every Tongue Shall Confess” – Dylan’s Blog

By telling it all at once takes away the reality, and truthfulness to this story, so Packer using this technique works really well. Two months ago she’d been reading the book of Micah and posed the idea of a Book of Micah discussion group to Deacon Jeffers and he’d said, ‘Oh, Sister Clareese!

We have linked this to Packer’s work because it highlights a modern application of the themes included in the stories: The parts of the veery are revealed when the character is prompted to do so.

Backstory is an integral part of any story, whether it be an implied part of the fictional piece, or outright stated throughout the story. However, she is not feeling inspired by any of her recent patients.

It takes strong writing to be able to take the world of one character and allow the reader to place themselves in that characters shoes for the length of the oacker. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This story further complicates the idea of religiousness with Clareese wanting to convert one of the men she is nursing back to health, comfess name is Cleophus.

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This constant use allows the story to remain constant, and understandable, instead of moving away from that.

Packer describes her very strict Black evangelical background, which is quite similar to that of the main character in Speaking in Tongues. Often when we, ourselves, are in church, or anywhere else, we can sometimes reflect, and look back at moments that brought us back to this tongeu that we are at right at that moment, which is evidently shown in this short story.

Later, with a patient, she finally voices what she believes and how she feels, allowing the readers to ultimately see her standing up for herself, and what she believes. For the complete essay, please visit: In this YouTube clip, a young man speaks on his opinions of the Black church. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Backstory in “Every Tongue Shall Confess”

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However, Clareese never says anything to stand up for herself. Sister Clareese is actually molested by one of the so-called holy men, Deacon McCreedy, whom she hates. Packer included aspects of her own religious upbringing in her writing, demonstrating that this issue is not that of fantasy, but one that occurs daily; The Purity Myth further proves this point. Packer stories are so rich, offering the viewpoints of characters in situations so different from many of us, that deal with things like religion and placement in the world yet can still poke fun and make me laugh.

The troop is made up of girls that are mentally disabled. The story leads me to believe that Packer is saying that not only do whites have misconceptions of blacks, but blacks also have misconceptions of whites. This site uses cookies. The tense does not change until the character is prompted by something or someone.


This is included on our site to give background on ZZ Packer’s own beliefs on religion’s power, which certainly affects her writing. This opinion piece highlights a modern, real-life interpretation of Packer’s idea that religion can have a power that makes individuals submissive, overly sheltered, and ultimately unhappy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This site uses cookies. The backstory then, seems to connect to the end of the story by showing that Clareese has seen both kinds of people.

Packer uses the technique I mentioned above to create excellent transitions. This story is narrated by a young Brownie, whose nickname is Snot. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Whites were like confesw baby pigeons: We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. In the first transition Clareese is prompted to introduce part of the backstory by Deacon McCreedy.

Fonfess her using this technique the reader is able to get a better grasp of what is going on in both time periods, and to essentially compare them.

After her mother, struggling with drug addiction, leaves the small town for Atlanta, Tia is left to live with her very strictly evangelical Christian aunt. The girls are not supposed to question or argue, but simply to conffess and believe what they are taught. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by Z.

This simple sentence takes us from the church to immediately back to the hospital where she works.

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