The optional comment is not displayed, but can be useful for internal documentation or script parsing of menu files. [nop] (label). Insert a non- operational. Fluxbox provides a number of window management features such as tabbing All Fluxbox configuration is stored in plaintext files, however some . Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later. Some information on the Fluxbox window manager. Contents Fluxbox themes; Debian-based Fluxbox Distros . Fluxbox documentation.

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Thus, one cannot truly say that Fluxbox is a lightweight WM. And [end] tag is required to end the menu.

Of course, all of these are just preferences, fluxbox 1 allows for the customization of many things, including how you handle your styles. This guide uses what the author assumes to be the most common programs, so also substitute the name of the binary used if it differs from what appears.

Gentoo is a minimalistic file manager which seeks to provide the benefits of a GUI interface without the bloat fluxbx is commonly associated. This is equivalent to the shade titlebar button. This program can be used to generate menus.

Comments are allowed in this file, for lines beginning with. The shading is placed documentatin pixel in from the edge of the image. If you have documentatiion installing fonts or getting them to work, you should read the docs page at xfree. Rox behaves much like “traditional” file managers, so its interface should be intuitive. This enables users to more readily see the contents of their keys and init files for Fluxbox.

Inserts a fluxbox native submenu item, containing numerous configuration options concerning window placement, focus style, window moving style, etc. Dockmentation Fluxbox has been made to be very light on the resources with a basic interface having only a taskbar and a menu Root Meun accessible by right-clicking on the desktop.


To run a program, highlight its entry in the menu and click on it.

The fluxbox package contains the following tools: Fluxbox also has several features which blackbox lacks, including Tabbed Windows, a feature familiar from PWM, and configurable titlebar. Important Be sure to emerge slim and add xdm to the bootscript, and not the other way around!

fluxbox-menu(5) Manual Page

Fluxbox also provides a platform for launching applications, configuring keyboard shortcuts and background images, as well as displaying information with the slit. The shading is placed on the edge of the image. The following sections will help install other potentially necessary packages, and configure Fluxbox and the third party programs to work better for the user. The button with which you click alters the behaviour of this item as follows: To set the shadow effect:. The article will also illustrate how to get more yet quite optional functionality by using third party programs that work well with Fluxbox.

This is useful for styles that are based on one or two colors.

To use the slit you must have it compiled into Fluxbox, this is gluxbox default configuration. A docking app runs as sort of an icon with minature display or controls. If pixmap texture is specified it might not be necessary on every occasion the pixmap file is specified in a separate pixmap resource. You can also use fluxbox -i to confirm this location.

Fluxbox – Community Help Wiki

Many WMs come with utilities to view pictures images in a directory. The following is the init file component that needs to be changed: Both [stylesdir] and [stylesmenu] commands make it possible to install style files without editing your init file.

Fluxbox runs very well on few system resources. Instead of a texture description, also the option ParentRelative is available, which makes the component appear as a part of its parent, e. In accordance with Fluxbox’s goal of simplicity, the main menu, the keyboard shortcuts and the basic configuration are all changed by editing text files.


Most users prefer to set their own backgrounds, and to have those background persist no matter what theme has been chosen.

Note, however, that with this setup there are some issues caused by overlapping feature sets. It aims to be lightweight and highly customizable, with only minimal support for graphical icons, and only basic interface style capabilities. This tells fluxbox to start parsing the menu file.

Rocumentation is often ideal in situations where hardware resources are limited, or as a matter of personal taste. The root menu definition documebtation with the [begin] tag, followed by its name, between parentheses and ends with its corresponding [end] tag. Colors, gradients, borders, and several other basic appearance attributes can be specified; recent versions of Fluxbox support rounded corners and graphical elements. Installing iDesk is as simple as:.

To understand how the style mechanism works, it is nice to flucbox a little about how X11 resources work. For a description of color names, see X 1. These options will be passed to fbsetroot 1 to set the background. You can use this to launch applications, run shell scripts, etc.

For example, some people find that Metacity, GNOME’s window manager, simply does not have the flexibility they need, but that Fluxbox does not have all the built-in applications and integration they desire from a complete desktop environment.