Gomukhasana is one of the most common yogic pose practiced by the people all over the world. The name gomukhasana is derived from the. In Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose), the name comes from the Sanskrit words Gow meaning Cow and Mukha meaning Face or Mouth. The word Go also means. Get more information about the Gomukhasana that is known for various health benefits at Find complete details about Gomukhasana .

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Gomukhasana, or Cow Face Pose, is one of the best and most prevalent situated postures recorded in Hatha Yoga.

Gomukhasana Yoga (Cow Face Pose)- How To Do And Benefits

Point of fact, your feet would resemble the ears of the Cow, which is the most loved creature that bears extraordinary significance in Hinduism. This suggests that this asana likewise has spiritual dimensions. The magnificence of this yoga asana is that it particularly focuses on your hips and shoulders, which are the most susceptible regions for pain and distress. Accordingly, those having a tight shoulder may discover this posture troublesome at the beginning; in any case, as they proceed, with their practice, they are likely to get great profits.

Here we mention step by step instructions for Gomukhasana yoga along with benefits ans tips for beginners. Apprentices now and again find that it is hard to keep their sitting bones consistently on the ground.



This, thusly, would gomukhssana them from stacking their knees equitably on one another. To get around this issue, everything you need to do is to utilize a collapsed blanket to raise your sitting bones off the ground. As you do that, stability would follow. To test yourself further, push your body forward from this very stance and attempt to keep the front piece of your mid-section over the top thigh.

As you do that, hold this carriage for around benefitw seconds. At that point, breathe in while raising your body. As mentioned earlier on in list form about gomukhasana yoga that it helps is relieving a person with depression. It is mainly because when you are performing this posture what happens is the core muscles of the body get stretched and you get a lot of calmness benefitd it might not feel so.

It is however very true that there are a lot of muscles in the body which do not work gomhkhasana and in turn we also do not like making them work.

In this case the whole body gets a stretch along with the less useful muscles.

There are a gomukhhasana of gomukhasana benefits but one of the most important is of course that this asana is very, very helpful for people who are suffering from kidney related problems. The reason for one of the most important benefits of gomukhasana is that when you are performing the same both the sides of your waist are stretched in a perfect way giving a good workout to the kidneys.


This is a much needed workout for the organs and thus helps to protect your kidneys well. It is known by a lot of people that your sexual life as well as your health can be good if you have less stress level. Even for a diabetic patient it is very important to keep down the stress levels in order to simply control the sugar gomukhasanz in the body.

He gomukhasana yoga helps a lot if controlling stress and fatigue as already mentioned in the first point and so the both work hand in hand. Sciatica is a very common disorder nowadays and it is mainly a very common problem for women.

Gomukhasana – Gomukhasana Yoga, Steps and Benefits of Gomukhasana

It is said that this ailment is caused mainly due to non- movement of joints and muscles where chemicals are formed and thus causes the pain. The gomukhasana steps are very useful as said a number of times for the movement of the joints and useless muscles so there is no chemical formed at all. This relieves you from the benevits.