Ken Lackman EFL Magazine Author. Ken Lackman spent seven years in Prague teaching English and developing teaching materials for The Caledonian . He is the founder and leader of Ken Lackman & Associates, a thriving teacher training project, offering workshops, mini-conferences and other types of. Ken Lackman (B. Ed., DELTA) is a frequent presenter at IATEFL conferences and other conferences in North America. He began his teaching career in at.

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Ken Lackman and Associates.

Ken Lackman has been presenting workshops for English language instructors since Ken Lackman and Associates was formed in to offer teacher training sessions to schools and other language teaching organizations.

Since that time, we have presented over workshops at schools and conferences in Canada and Europe.

W is for Wondering | An A-Z of ELT

Schools on that list include private language schools, numerous LINC schools, and several universities and colleges. Although we offer a wide range of workshops, our focus is laackman activities and lesson frameworks that will allow teachers to plan effective lessons more easily.

These lesson frameworks and activities are methodologically sound and completely student-centred. Teachers who have used our methods and activities in their classes have remarked on noticeable improvements in their lessons in terms ien student involvement and motivation.

Activity Books Many of the activities and teaching frameworks featured in our workshops are available online in PDF format.


Most of the frameworks and activities are universal. What this means is that once you know the procedure, you can use the activity or lesson framework over and over again in different teaching circumstances or for different lesson content. You can take a look at some sample pages from Universal Activities and all our other e-books here here.

You can also get a free book which features one great activity from each of our lesson framework and activity books. Workshops We offer over 30 different workshops and most feature lesson frameworks or activities that are designed to make your teaching much easier and much more effective.

The lesson frameworks provide teachers with universal plans that, once learned, will enable one to teach solid lessons with virtually no planning or preparations. Our activity workshops are based laxkman a similar premise, with universal activities that, once learned, can be easily plugged into a lesson, even on the spot.

For example, our most popular workshop, Universal Activitiesfeatures over 30 great classroom activities that can be used for lacman grammar or vocabulary. After target language is presented and explained, one only needs to choose one or more of these activities to round off the lesson with.

We offer these workshops at English Central in Toronto, as well as sessions by other presenters.

Ken Lackman

We also will come to do workshops at schools and conferences anywhere in the world. For the complete list of workshops click he re. Mini-Conferences We offer monthly one-day conferences for teachers in the Toronto area. These sessions lackmaj held on Saturdays at English Central and feature four workshops beginning at 9: For those who are interested, discussions will continue at Scallywagsa terrific pub a short walk away from English Central.

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ESL EFL activity books and workshops for teachers

The workshops at the conference feature some of the best presenters in Canada and sessions are chosen based on general appeal. If you would like to attend an upcoming conference or propose a session to present, click here. Word quickly spread and soon afterward Ken received requests to present at numerous other conferences and schools in the greater Toronto area.

Published Works Our lesson frameworks have been published in English Teaching Professionalthe world’s leading practical magazine for English language teachers. These lesson frameworks were created to enable teachers to deliver great lessons with virtually no planning or preparation.

To take a look at our published works, click here.

Talk to the expert: Interview with Ken Lackman

Testimonials Our classroom activities and lesson frameworks have been enthusiastically endorsed by numerous teachers and students as well as some of the biggest names in the field of English language teaching. You can view some of these testimonials here.

FREE page ebook Click here to get your free book. Methods and activities for more effective teaching with less preparation.