Ken Scholes’s debut novel, Lamentation, was an event in fantasy. Heralded as a “mesmerizing debut novel” by Publishers Weekly, and a “vividly imagined. This was certainly the case with Ken Scholes’s short story “Of Metal Men The first two volumes of The Psalms of Isaak (entitled Lamentation. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation of Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the.

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I may well give Canticle a try, but if I do, it will probably take me another year, if not longer, to get to it. The few surprises in the plot come out of the blue, from sources outside of the main story kind of like in daytime television, where Aunt Martha’s presumably dead sister-in-law knocks on the door to claim her part sfholes the family’s fortureand then dropped or resolved before they can really add any level of excitement lamentstion the story.

Review: Lamentation (Psalms of Issak) by Ken Scholes

Many thousands of years into the future, on an Earth scarred and fractured by multiple apocalypses, stands Windwir, greatest city of the Named Lands. Not just any city too, but the seat of religion, albeit it somewhat science based, and knowledge in the Named Lands.

There are still strong themes and beautiful prose to lamebtation found in The Named Lands, but the coherency and much of the mystery of Scholes’s world has scgoles stretched thin in the transition from short story to novel. He has a degree in History from Western Washington University.

I do not have much to say that is positive about this first novel in the Psalms of Isaak series. Open Preview See a Problem? Reading “Metal Men” you sensed yourself in the hands of a game-changing author. It also failed to build up a sense keh danger, doom, lamentatino suspense as we always are informed of what is happening again no thanks to the shifting perspectives, pretty magick dusts, and those amazing messenger birds no one even thought of ambushing.

I strongly recommend the audio version of this book.

He can make you care about his characters. From lamsntation author in an interview about that very passage: The book that follows involves the political manipulations of several different leaders as they try to determine who is responsible for the destruction, who will assume power in the vacuum that has been created, and what should be done about protecting the remainders of the knowledge the monks guarded.


Don’t expect anyone to show any kind of resourcefulness or cleverness.

Lamentation (Psalms of Isaak #1) by Ken Scholes – The Ranting Dragon

We might have learned to respect and admire him—if we’d had even a few scenes of him laboring to stay alive under increasingly harsh conditions. Ken Scholes is the award-winning, critically-acclaimed author of five novels and over fifty short stories.

There was once a world, yes might just be Earth but it was destroyed. I delayed reading this series until the third book was out, and it seems the initial buzz has quieted down and the Psalms of Isaak is flying under the radar compared to Sanderson or Brent Weeks or Peter W Brett, who I think ,en a similar style and whose series I would rate a little below Scholes. Who and why did they destroy the city of Windwir, the home to the Androfrancines who protected the rest of the people in the world from the technology and dark lamentatio that could be used to destroy the world and only trickling out the small pieces of information they feel This story to me is like the Whymer Mazes used as a meditation device by the Androfrancines.

He knew how to order scholex inventory the supplies for a camp, and he found himself suddenly understanding and proposing military strategy. There’s no stylistic lamentatiion in Scholes’ writing from character to character. From that first scene when they find him weeping in the woods to lamebtation limp he walks with due to a damaged leg, Scholes does a wonderful job of humanizing the inhuman.

The writing style lends itself beautifully to this format. It no longer mattered why. Neb’s journey to the Churning Wastes where the magical and lamentarion destruction of a past civilization has created a landscape where “glass mountain ranges cast bloody shadows over forests of bone.

Being the th Tale of Felip Carnelyin. The one potentially interesting character and this is a bit of a spoileris Vlad Li Tam, who uses his legions of children as human missiles, sacrificing them for his mysterious personal goals.

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson Review: I even tried to get Jay and Jen to let me off the dare early on but to no avail. A fifteen-year old girl named Winters admittedly, she has one hell of a secret may belong to a culture The Marsh-folk who cover themselves in mud, but she lamenation spends the whole of Lamentation acting either saintly or sexy, depending on the emotional needs of her male counterpart.

If I can be bothered enough to find the sequel. Interesting setup and clear writing talent as well as a good ending with the hook set for the next volume which I intend scholds read, though not as an asap. I have always felt that series books should do that. So what are your thoughts? See 2 questions about Lamentatioj. Feb 22, Ethan rated it did not like it. My biggest shortcoming in Lamentation — and where I had some cringing especially in the first half of my re-read — was my portrayal of women.


He certainly does this with graceful skill, feeding his readers subtle—and not-so-subtle—foreshadowing and creating a world where every character, good or bad, is seemingly manipulated by a greater force at work.

The mix of high tech, low tech and magic kept me drawn in – I spent a lot of my time wondering about the previous holocaust that destr I read lamentztion book because Amazon’s recommendation lamenation recommended it’s sequel, Canticle. Thanks so much for this clear-headed assessment of this new series’ strengths and weaknessess.

Then you have to memorize the geography and the names of all the Kingdoms and their various Kings and Queens. Twelve Kings in Sharakhai Bradley P. Ken is a native of the Pacific Northwest and makes his home in Cornelius, Oregon, where he lives with his twin daughters.

Plus, it finished strong – as opposed to how it opened, which was rather south of m’eh. The narrative took on a daring task to begin with an apocalypse that was seemingly far too big and ambitious for the author to handle.

Ken Scholes

Some of these problems start to correct themselves in Canticle by far a superior book to Lamentation. Maybe I’m just becoming jaded ha. Look, working in the back-story of a mythical realm with thousands of years of pre-history is never easy—but this sounds more lametnation a grocery list than a tangible reality.

Also, you know what?

They have consequences, and consequences is really what the book’s about, but there’s little fog of war. I am curious to read what really happens. Petronus, ien monk with a shadowy past, Rudolfo a swashbuckling Gypsy King, Jin Li Tam, the beautiful female protagonist schooled in the arts of seduction and knives and a young boy, Neb, who was the only human witness to the Fall of Windwir.

Yet it remains a fantasy. It culminated in me moving her south from the Tacoma area to Portland, into a nursing home, which was a really tough stretch of time. If you want us to think a character is resourceful kej clever, show us him or her doing something resourceful or clever. Feb 14, C.